My 2018/19 Bullet Journal: An Introduction

The principles of bullet journaling revolve around a key, bullet points, completing, cancelling and moving tasks. There are also spreads, beginning with yearly, moving to monthly and then weekly. Watch the video below, or stay tuned to this blog series, to learn more about the process of bullet journaling.

Link to a YouTube video about classic bullet journaling –

I’ve wanted to do a blog post all about bullet journaling for some time. This will be my third bullet journal and I’m doing it for September 2018 to August 2019 as this makes most sense since I am a student. Before I began my first bullet journal I did research about what a bullet journal is and I also created a board on Pinterest so I could gather ideas on spreads. However, I think I tried to be too creative and add to much detail to my spreads which meant I found the journal more time consuming and harder to keep up-to-date. Even so, it gave me lots of ideas for my second bullet journal. I felt that my second bullet journal was much more what I wanted it to be, but I was still experimenting with spreads and how I wanted my layouts to look. As with my first journal, I think I was also trying to make my second journal more arty than I really can be and so I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it.

Watching Lily Pebbles’ most recent YouTube video about her bullet journal changed my perspective on the activity and helped me to see more of what I wanted from my own journal, so hopefully this third one will be my best yet.

Link to Lily’s video –

I have to admit now, that I do bullet journaling my way, so I do not stick exactly to the principles in the first video I linked. But this is what I love about Bullet Journaling, you can take the principle ideas and design them to fit a custom journal.

DSCN3753For my bullet journaling, the notebook I use is the ‘Leuchtturm 1917’ with dotted pages. These notebooks are available in many places, including Amazon, and come in a range of colours, rulings and sizes. There is a special Bullet Journal version in the series but it is more expensive and does not have many extras, but I recommend checking that version out too to see if you like it. I like the dotted pages best as it allows you the most freedom, you’ll likely see what I mean in the following blog posts. These notebooks are great because they have 2 bookmarks / ribbons, a few perforated pages at the back, stickers for labelling, a pocket at the back and an elastic to put around the notebook.

Above is my journal for this year. I went for a blue one and I have used my Dymo omega label maker to label it.

Thank you for reading the first of my posts about my bullet journal, there will be more to follow about the creation process showing the pages I include and how I design them. The following posts will be:

  • Important first pages – detailing the key and future log
  • My chosen pages – the pages I choose to add to the beginning of my journal
  • The Month – designing monthly and weekly spreads
  • My tips – advice on bullet journaling and final thoughts

Georgia x


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