Book Review | The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood


When Olive kisses the nearest person to convince her friend that she has moved on from her ex, she does not expect to end up forming an agreement to fake-date Dr Adam Carlsen. Of course, fake-dating means keeping up certain appearances, so Olive and Adam are about to spend a lot more time together. As Are Olive’s hypotheses about love about to change?

This novel has been everywhere, and I was quite late to reading it, so I was both curious and nervous to see what all the hype was about, but overall I enjoyed it.

The writing style was easy to read, I liked the humour in the novel, and there was more sweetness than I expected.

The characters of Olive and Adam were well portrayed and I liked them more than I initially thought I would. I especially enjoyed their banter and liked seeing their relationship develop. There were some funny moments along the way, as well as some sweet and some spicy.

The setting of the novel being in academia was different and I liked that this was explored, particularly women in science.

Although I enjoyed the novel, there were also elements that weren’t for me, especially regarding stereotypes and some of the word choices.

Overall, I really liked Adam and Olive, and enjoyed reading the story of their relationship.


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