Book Signing – Carrie Hope Fletcher

Today was a very exciting day.

DSCN3916About a month or so ago, Carrie announced her biggest ever book tour. I’d never actually been to a book signing before, largely because authors tend not to come to somewhere that close to me. As soon as I looked down the list of places for Carrie’s tour and saw that she was coming to Oxford I knew I wanted to go. I’ve read all of Carrie’s books so far and admire her a lot, so the chance to meet her and get a couple of books signed was something I did not want to miss.

The Oxford date was not supposed to be for another couple of weeks, but due to the success of Heathers, the production is moving into the West End, so Carrie will be doing more of the show than she originally anticipated, which means that some of the dates of her book tour were moved.

So, this morning I travelled up to Oxford and awaited meeting Carrie. I’ve seen her in musicals and concert before, but never met her in person, so I have to be honest and say I was really nervous.

IMG-2127Carrie was as lovely as I had hoped. She was smiley, friendly and happy to chat, and I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to meet her. I’m also really looking forward to reading her newest novel, and I recommend her books (as well as everything else that she does).

Also, all of the staff at the Waterstone’s were really lovely and were happy to chat and I’m very thankful to them.

Georgia x



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