My 2020/21 Bullet Journal

A couple of years ago, I wrote a series of blog posts all about how I Bullet Journal. If you haven’t read that series, I recommend checking it out, especially the introduction and tips posts.

After doing 4 bullet journals where I bought dotted notebooks and drew them all up myself, I decided that wasn’t working for me anymore. Although I liked being a bit creative, I decided I wanted something more simple. I have recently seen a few people drawing up their bullet journals, and part of me misses the creativity of using a blank notebook, but I found that it wasn’t the right style for me, especially as something to keep up with.

So, I decided to buy a journal that is already drawn for the yearly, monthly and weekly spreads, but also has pages at the back for me to add any other spreads and be a bit creative. For reference, I bought one of the ‘Undated Weekly Planners’ from Papier. They have a wide choice of diaries and notebooks and I loved their designs so would definitely recommend taking a look at their website. I think they do both blank and drawn up journals too, so it should suit anyone, but there are lots of great journal retailers around.

I have been using this for a couple of months now (I know, weird time to start a new journal, but I felt like it, so here we are) and I am loving it thus far.

If you want visuals, you can take a look at one of the journals on Papier’s website, but I’m just going to talk generally about how I journal at the moment.

Not having to draw up each spread has been super useful. I don’t need to worry about doing anything in advance and it all looks neat and structured already.

There is a blank, lined page near the beginning of the journal for notes (I assume) so I have used that to draw my key.

Then, I have been using my journal like one normally would, but I have been following my key and using bullet points for each task / event / goal etc.

So far, I haven’t used the blank pages at the back of the journal as much as I thought I would, but I do still have my page there to record the books that I have read. Perhaps using these pages for some spreads and trackers is something that I will work on but, for now, I don’t feel that inspired to be really creative with this journal.

Maybe this year is just a year off, or maybe I am finished with the highly creative Bullet Journal system. I guess I’ll wait and see.

Have you tried Bullet Journalling? How have you found it?

G x


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