A Little Blog Update

Much to my dismay, my blog here seems to have been somewhat neglected recently. I apologise for that and wholly blame university, but that does come higher in the priority list. I hope that there is enough on my blog already to be read whilst I am so occupied, but it is frustrating for me to see my blog page in my bullet journal filling with ideas that are just going to have to wait.

I feel like I am very much still experimenting with my blog and exploring ideas and finding what works. The look of it changes now and again as I find time to make some aesthetic adjustments and content wise, I have so many ideas.

I think the way to make this work better alongside my current commitments is to write more informal, shorter blog posts. This may actually turn out to be better overall, but when I have more time, some more structured, planned, well-executed posts would be great.

Additionally, a lot of posts may simply be late. By this I mean, for example, I have ‘favourites’ posts that I want to put up from August onwards that I have had little time to work on, but that I think include some good stuff. So, expect lots of posts to appear well after they should.

Lastly, there will be a lack of images for a while. I take all the photos on my blog myself, and usually I take an afternoon to take a load of photographs and go through them all and edit and choose which ones I like. But I think that is a bit too time consuming for now, so photographs may either be added later, or I will do what I can for now with words, links and the images I already have.

Georgia x


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