Making Resolutions

‘New year, new me’

Personally, I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I just don’t see them as being entirely useful, especially as many probably go unfulfilled. The idea of trying to change something is fine, of course, but I think the new year brings about an idea of drastic change that is hard to reach and especially difficult to maintain. Everything takes time and for many, myself included, it is not as simple as suddenly beginning (or stopping) something as soon as the clock chimes for the new year.

The past couple of years, I have begun to make proper resolutions for the first time. But not in January, in September. Well, any time I want to really, but in September when I start my bullet journal I make a page for resolutions. I add some things to it that I would like to work on or do over the year, such as be more positive or make more pancakes. But I do not expect them to start that very day, they are ideas to work on as and when I want to over the year. I also try to make them realistic and achievable so that I do not feel disheartened or give up too quickly.

Throughout the year that I have this journal, I can turn back to my resolutions page to review which ones are going well and which I would like to work on more. This is great for motivation and to feel a sense of achievement. For example, ‘watch more films’ is on my list for this year and so far, I have been doing well at it and I feel pleased that I have finally watched some films that I have wanted to see for ages.

Sometimes, I turn back to my resolutions page and think, I would like to work on ‘x’ and so I add it in. It doesn’t matter if I never work on all the things I wanted to, and I don’t mind if, for example, I looked after my skin really well for 4 months and then did it just fine, it is all progress.

For me, the key is making a few resolutions in different areas of life: social media, fitness, diet, relationships, mentality, etc. I never expect to work on them all in one year, or to have them all cracked within a year, but each step towards a personal goal is worthwhile.

I think my point is, resolutions are great, and they can work really well, but only if they are right for you.

Happy new year,

Georgia x


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