The Beginning of the Festive Season

Finally, that time is here. Last year, I grudgingly admit, I did put up the Christmas decorations a bit early: November 10th 2017 to be precise. In my defence, putting them up so early allowed us a full month of festive cheer in our uni halls before we went home.

This year, the decorations are still safely in their packaging, but the first event of the festive season has been and gone. The turning on of the Christmas lights is something I attend almost every year no matter where I am, and although it is not always hugely spectacular, it is something I love to do because ever since I was a child it has signalled the beginnings of Christmas.

Last Tuesday, after finishing my rather short day, I was ready to get into the spirit and head to campus. Since the weather has dropped, I opted for as many layers as I could and could not resist adding my Christmas jumper (surely that is now acceptable?). As wrapped up as I could possibly be, I headed to campus with my housemates.

One of my housemates is part of the student radio team and so she was going to be presenting live from a balcony of the student’s union. We headed straight there to watch and cheer her on and, in all honesty, we were like slightly embarrassing but very proud parents.

The countdown to the lights began and once the button was pressed, campus looked lovely. The buildings and trees had been well lit and although the initial moment does feel somewhat anticlimactic, I love seeing the lights for Christmas.

Overall, the evening spent with some of my favourite people was great and I feel like the festive season has been kicked off. Although it is hard to feel too festive when there is so much uni work to do, I’m sure that I can add some decorations to my room to help me get into the mood.

Whilst I am at uni, I am hoping to head to a local carol service and perhaps a Christmas market, so there are more festive activities to come.

G x


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