Mini – Review: Milk and Honey | Rupi Kaur

DSCN2807For a while now I have been meaning to read more poetry and when I saw a Youtuber called Lucy Moon had done a video about some of her top poetry books I gave it a watch and then ordered Milk and Honey. I devoured the book in less than an hour as the poems are extremely short and to the point. Kaur says exactly what she needs to through them, and although she is portraying the story of her own life, I found many of her poems to be relatable. The book is split into four sections: The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking and The Healing. Each section comes together to tell Kaur’s story and through her poems she explores some big issues. As I read the poems, I put a marker on each one that I liked and am sure I will return to them again and again because each one conveys so much feeling and emotion whilst perfectly expressing Kaur’s thoughts. If you want to give some poetry a go, I would highly recommend this book to you.


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