Mini – Review: Girl Up | Laura Bates

‘Hilarious, bold and unapologetic, Girl Up sets the record straight.’

Day 38Sometimes you read a book like this one, and even though you understand the author’s point of view, you just do not agree with them. However, as I was reading this book I could not help but mentally agree with Bates and felt as though I were having a conversation with a friend. So many topics are covered and although many of them are serious, Bates knows when to add a little bit of humour and manages to keep a balance between positive and negative which means that I came away from this book feeling happy and empowered. What is important is that Bates is never judgemental or patronising so it never felt like being told off or being told what is right and wrong. The book was more about expanding your own knowledge and exploring your opinions. If you want to read my full review, click here.

Girl Up – Laura Bates, published by Simon&Schuster, first published in Great Britain in 2016, RRP £12.99, ISBN 978-1-4711-4950-4


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