Mini – Review: The Faraway Tree Series | Enid Blyton

DSCN2705Growing up, I loved Enid Blyton and this series was probably my favourite of hers that I read. The idea of an enchanted forest that contains a magical tree with a different land at the top of it every so often is just brilliant and it really gets your imagination going. The fact that such different characters live in the Faraway Tree is great and I am still dying to grab a cushion and try Moonface’s slide, the Slippery-Slip. As a little girl I loved fairies so I loved the idea of Silky and her pop cakes sounded delicious. The creativity of the different lands and how some could be good and some are bad was genius. I think every child who read this book longed to find the Enchanted Wood and climb the Faraway Tree (avoiding the dirty washing water) and have a magical adventure in whatever land lay waiting at the top of the little ladder.


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