Introducing…Exploring Non-alcoholic Drinks

Every now and again on this blog, I like to explore topics besides books. It doesn’t happen too often, but it is something that I like having the opportunity to do.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen a few people on social media talking about non-alcoholic drinks that they have tried and about their search to find more. This piqued my interest as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol and who would love to find some new and exciting drinks to try.

I have definitely noticed that with more people interested in finding non-alcoholic (or low alcohol) alternatives, there are more on the market now, which is great.

So, I have decided to launch a series of blog posts where I give my opinions of some non-alcoholic drinks as I find and try them.

There are plenty of reasons not to drink alcohol, even something as simple as being the designated driver, and this is a choice that I made a few years ago because it felt right for me. This is not to say that I will never drink alcohol again, or that I think no one should, but simply that I do not drink alcohol at this point in my life. That said, this series is not about my decision not to drink alcohol, and it is not aimed only at people who do not drink. If you would like to follow the series and explore some different drinks with me, for whatever reason, then please do.

When I first stopped drinking alcohol, I pretty much stuck to the classic fizzy drinks, but I think it’s nice to have a selection of choices and sometimes you want an alternative to lemonade.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to try a variety of drinks and this could include anything from a more simple drink off the shelf, to a non-alcoholic alternative, to a mocktail.

I have already tried a few non-alcoholic drinks, so over the next few weeks there will be posts about those and then there should be a post as and when I try something new.

I have created a category that all of these posts will be in so that they are easy to find and are all available in one place.

The posts will probably be a short paragraph about what I thought of each drink, what the flavour was like, how it compared to what I expected, and potentially how the drink is packaged and sold too. I will start by giving the drink a rating out of ten, from my personal opinion, and I will end the post by answering the question, ‘Would I drink this again?’.

I don’t know how long I could talk about and describe one drink, so please do not expect anything to fancy from these reviews, but do expect my own opinion and remember that yours may be different; a drink that is not to my taste may be one that you would like.

Although I’m definitely not a food / drink critic, I’m going to give my honest opinion and hopefully some of you may find that helpful. If you have any suggestions for drinks that I could try, please let me know!

G x


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