Book Review | Heartstopper Vol. 3 by Alice Oseman


Contains spoilers for Vol. 1 & 2

TW: homophobia, mental health, eating disorder, self harm

Following on from where we left off, Nick and Charlie are together, but will they feel comfortable with other people knowing?

I liked that Oseman gives us Nick’s diary as a recap of what we need to know before this volume, I think this is a nice touch.

I think that this was the longest volume so far (not a complaint at all!) and it did feel like a lot happened.

Whilst this series is definitely diverse and inclusive, and I love that Nick and Charlie have some wonderful and supportive people around them, there are also some people who are less so and we see Nick and Charlie learning to deal with those people. I think it is important to show this because unfortunately that is a reality for many people and these novels can help to show the difficulties people face and how we can help them.

Additionally, this volume begins to look at some of the issues that I think will be explored more deeply soon. These include some series issues, so definitely check trigger warnings if you would like to, but so far I think that Oseman is dealing with them with sensitivity whilst highlighting important topics.

Although some issues will come up further in the next volumes, this volume focuses on homophobia, bullying, and the effect that this has had on Charlie and his wellbeing.

One of the main reasons that I loved this volume was getting to see more of the friendship group and seeing more storylines for various characters. I love Tara and Darcy in particular, but enjoyed following the whole gang as they explored Paris. The little narrative between the teachers was also a highlight for me.

Whilst this volume begins to go deeper into some serious issues, there is still plenty of romance, cute moments and humour to enjoy!

I definitely recommend the Heartstopper series, and I am so excited for Vol. 4 to come out in May!
That said, please do look at trigger warnings and topics that the series has and will discuss.


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