20 Things I Learnt in First Year

Since I just finished my first year of university, I thought I’d make a list of some of the things that I learnt this year:

  1. Sometimes people you meet early on are worth sticking with – you will always be told not to attach yourself to the first person you meet, which is good advice, but you may end up finding some amazing people in those first few days, so trust your judgement
  2. Making friends on your course makes lectures and seminars a whole lot better – trust me
  3. I’m more clean and tidy than I thought – comparatively
  4. Everyone really is in the same boat – everyone will tell you this before you go and it really is true so try to explore new things together at first
  5. Studying English does not put you off reading – essay writing however…
  6. Mute the course group chat – you’ll thank me later
  7. Repeating ‘first year doesn’t count’ like a mantra does not stop you from caring about your grades
  8. Meeting new people is scary but also really great
  9. Taking the first steps is the hardest part (going to a society, or a social, or talking to someone new) but it is worth it
  10. Joining at least one society is a good idea – it’s fun, there are so many so there will be at least one that interests you, and it’s a good social opportunity
  11. Working things out together is good – don’t know where something is or how to do something? Take a friend and work it out together
  12. It’s a small world – I’ve met a few people at uni that I have random connections with from years ago and I’ve heard similar stories from other people
  13. You will meet people in the first couple of weeks that you may not speak to again for the rest of the year – you meet so many people, it’s bound to happen that you will not see them all again
  14. Food shopping can be fun – my friend and I go food shopping together and somehow it always ends up being really fun, so go with a friend, going alone can be dull
  15. Some people can make a pun out of anything – a couple of the guys I live with are far too good at making puns and it’s always amusing
  16. Being yourself is the best way – whilst you want to step outside your comfort zone from time to time, being yourself is the way to ensure your own happiness and also to find people you’ll get along well with
  17. Making an effort is the way to meet people – especially in the first few weeks, make an effort to talk to people and to go out and meet people because that’s the way to make friends, so whilst my above point still stands, you may need to be sociable for the first few weeks
  18. You don’t need to drink alcohol – if you are a non-drinker, you’ll be fine
  19. I’m capable – it’s the end of first year and I managed to fend for myself pretty well
  20. First year goes so fast – so enjoy it!

Georgia x


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