May Primark Shop

For Christmas I was kindly given a Primark voucher and the other day I went shopping and finally spent the voucher after much deliberation. I have to say, if you are a Disney or Harry Potter fan then Primark is the place for you at the moment. Here is a rundown of what I bought:

‘LED firefly lights’

Price: £2.50

When I went to university, I really wanted some fairy-lights to decorate my room with. I bought a standard set, but when we moved house and I could decorate a new room, I knew a copper or rose gold set would match my theme. So, when I saw these in the home section of Primark, I knew they would be a good purchase for my room. These were the first thing I picked up and led me to finding the next two things on this list.

Rose Gold wire basket

Price: reduced from £5.00 to £2.00

DSCN3596When shopping around for items for my bedroom I had found a few variations of items like this, so when I saw this one in Primark for such a good price I could not resist. I actually bought a couple of these baskets and I’m really pleased with them. They’re versatile and I’m currently using them in my room to store beauty products.

Rose Gold Wire Square Basket

Price: reduced from £3.00 to £1.00

DSCN3593Having already picked up the larger basket, I was happy to find a matching smaller one. I was not entirely sure how I would use this one but I’m glad I bought it because it goes with my theme for my room and I’m currently using it to hold my daily beauty products. All of these baskets combined are looking really good in my room and hopefully there will be photos of them being used soon when I write my series of blog posts about decorating my room.

Patterned Shorts

Price: £4.00

DSCN3585I think I currently own only two pairs of shorts and both are denim. I love wearing shorts in the summer but I struggle to find pairs that I really like and that fit well. I especially have not had a pair like these before but Primark had a whole host of shorts and I was drawn to the more decorative pairs. The colour of these is so lovely and I really like the pattern. Also, they have pockets which is always a bonus and they were not exactly expensive. I’m really looking forward to wearing these, especially on summer days when I’m not doing a lot.

Grey Flamingo Print t-shirt

Price: £2.50

DSCN3588It was actually my mum who spotted this one. There was also a t shirt covered in flamingos but I preferred the more simple design. Flamingo designs seem to have become a bit of a trend, and for me it began with a glass that I bought for uni that has a flamingo design. I would probably pair this tee with a black skirt or jeans and because the design is quite high up, I’d tuck it in. Having tried it on, I really like it and I’m excited to wear it.

Mickey t-shirt

Price: £8.00

DSCN3592This t shirt was one of those ones that was in the wrong place and the one I originally found was a size 4 which is too small for me. So, we hunted around trying to find this tee because I loved it. Eventually we found it and I am so glad because even though it is a bit more pricey for a Primark tee, I really love the simple Mickey design and I think it could be paired with a skirt or jeans of any colour, but it would look great with denim I think.

White Embroidered Sleeve t-shirt

Price: £6.00

DSCN3590I was drawn to this t shirt as soon as I saw it. It is pretty see-through but the sleeves are so beautiful that I don’t care about that at all. The black embroidery on the sleeves is very pretty and I rarely see sleeves that hang the way these do and I love it. This top is really lovely and I think it would be great for every-day, or for going out with friends and dressing a bit nicer.



Georgia x


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