Mini – Review: Dream A Little Dream | Giovanna Fletcher


In most romance novels, there is something that goes wrong which either prevents a couple getting together or causes a problem in their relationship, however, I think that this novel had a different spin on this idea. Sarah finds herself dreaming about a guy she used to know and she ends up looking forward to going to sleep. However, when the real guy comes into her life unexpectedly she struggles with the fact that he is different to the guy in her dreams and I found that quite interesting. The book focuses on those initial stages of meeting someone and getting to know them which I found made for an enjoyable read. The real twists in the novel come from Sarah still having to be friends with her ex, Sarah’s trouble to get out of her dead-end job, and what goes on between the friendship group. I enjoyed that the real drama did not occur within the romance side of the novel because I found that it made the book more relaxing to read when I could enjoy those initial stages of their relationship. If you want to read my full review, please click here.

Dream a little dream – Giovanna Fletcher, published by Penguin, first published in 2015, 001, £7.99, ISBN 978-1-405-91916-6


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