Books I’m excited to read

During my gap year I made a good start at reading some books that I have wanted to read for some time and some that were more recent additions to my reading list. Of course, my reading list is huge, but I thought I would write a post about some of the recent book purchases that I am excited to read, and a few others that are released this year that I want to read.

Turtles All the Way Down | John Green

IMG_0957Naturally, I have been waiting for this book since it was announced. I have read all of Green’s other books and the wait for this new one was a long one. His books are so relatable and bring up key issues for young people. I love that Green seems to understand the young people of today so well that he knows how to approach issues in a way to get young people thinking. From what I have heard, this latest novel has a character with OCD and that is a mental health condition that I am interested to know more about. I am sure that overall, Green’s novel will be just as uplifting, thought-provoking and perfectly YA as his others have been.

Paris for One | Jojo Moyes

IMG-0985This is a novel that I actually picked up in a train station, along with John Green’s latest. I spent so long debating whether to buy the two books that were on offer, that I really wanted, but that I would have no time to read. In fact, I spent so long deciding that when I walked out of the book shop I realised I had only a minute to run through the barriers and to my train. Thankfully I made it. This is a book I may not have picked up had it not been on the same offer as the Green. Not because I don’t like Moyes, Me Before You is one of my favourite novels, but because I don’t usually go for collections of short stories. However, I am excited to give it a go, and I like Moyes’ style and her topics often interest me. I think this is a book that I am not sure what entirely to expect, but I know that it has sold very well so I am looking forward to seeing what I think.

Some Kind of Wonderful | Giovanna Fletcher

IMG-0981I can’t remember how I first discovered Giovanna’s books particularly, but I know that it was three years ago and I was looking on Amazon for some new reads. I bought her only two novels at the time, Billy and Me and You’re The One That I Want, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. In all honesty, Giovanna is an amazing individual and I recommend checking out her social medias and YouTube. She is one of my favourite authors and buying her latest novel is always exciting. This time it was especially exciting because I pre-ordered a signed copy from Waterstone’s. But yet again, I have not had time to read this novel. It sounds like a really interesting idea: trying to find who you are when a relationship spanning most of your young adult life ends. Giovanna always has a central idea to her novels in this way that take the idea of a romance and give it a challenge. I’m really looking forward to curling up with this book and reading a story of finding yourself. Lastly, I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this book is so beautiful and that gives me high hopes for it.

Still Me | Jojo Moyes

IMG-0966This is the most recent book that I have purchased and since it is the third book in the Me Before You trilogy, I am very excited to read it. Me Before You is one of my favourite ever books and although After You was not as good for me (it had a lot to live up to), I still liked it a lot and I am looking forward to continuing the story. I do not want to say too much here as there are some big spoilers for both books, but hopefully when I have read the book I will be able to write a review. Also, if you haven’t read Me Before You then I urge you to look it up, read my review, or better yet, read it. Or watch the film. Both are brilliant.

When the Curtain Falls | Carrie Hope Fletcher

Although all of the authors on this list are favourites of mine, Carrie is a big inspiration. I first saw her performing in Les Miserables and have since then loved her YouTube channel, her books and really found her to be one of the best online influencers. She is really someone that I urge people to check out, she is unbelievably talented, passionate and unafraid to talk about big issues. So far, Carrie has written one non-fiction book and two fiction novels. I really like all of them and feel that Carrie puts her personality into everything that she produces (although her YouTube channel means that more of her personality is known than would be for other authors). This is her third novel and she has decided to focus it around the theatre, her usual place of work, which means that even more of her passion will be poured into this book and so far it sounds like it is going to be great.

Released: 12th July 2018

Eve of Man | Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

I have already talked about Giovanna and how much I like her and her books, but her husband Tom is someone I have known about for a lot longer since he is part of the band McFly. Tom is also a bestselling author although I have never read any of his books (they are mainly for children). However, I am very excited for the couple to pair up to produce this new trilogy of books which sound like they have an interesting premise about the first girl to be born in 50 years. Other than that I am not sure what to expect from this, but considering two brilliant and creative people are putting their heads together to produce it, I am very much looking forward to reading the first book.

Released: 31st May 2018

Georgia x


One thought on “Books I’m excited to read

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    The next book I am going to be reading is Nicholas Nickleby. I have been stuck reading books required for school. Every summer I read one of the classics. I have loved A Christmas Carol growing up, Now I love Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, Don Quixote, Hunchback of Notre Dame and my personal favorite, Les Misérables. Then I love mysteries in particular Agatha Christie. I also love reading fantasies and love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Uprooted.

    Last summer, I actually read nine books. This summer I have no idea how many I will have time considering that Nicholas Nickleby is a bit longer than the classic I read last summer.

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