Books I got for Christmas 2017

How is it May?? This post is so late – I’m so sorry!

Being the bookworm that I am, it is not really surprising that I got a lot of books for Christmas. However, due to university reading keeping me very busy, I am yet to be able to read the books that I was lucky enough to receive. Either way, I thought I would write a post about all of the books and why I am excited to read them.

Tanya’s Christmas | Tanya Burr

IMG-1093Tanya Burr is a YouTuber that I really enjoy watching. Her content appeals to me as she does makeup tutorials, baking, vlogs and more. This book contains those same content areas and considering how much I love Christmas, I knew that I wanted to get this book. I am yet to read it, but looking through it there are lots of good ideas for presents, how to enjoy your Christmas, makeup and baking. Hopefully I’ll have read it before this Christmas and will have lots of new ideas for the festive season.

Love, Rosie | Cecelia Ahern

IMG_0951I used to see the film adaptation of this advertised on television quite a bit but never paid much attention until I knew more about the actors in it and then felt that I wanted to watch the film. Interestingly, as this was a rom com, I decided that I was happy to watch the film without reading the book. Despite enjoying the film a great deal, I was unsure that the book would add much as I felt most of the story and key parts must have been covered. However, I then saw a post about the book on Instagram and decided to comment and ask what they felt about the book and how it compared to the film. The response I got was that the film was good but that the book was even better. So considering how much I enjoyed the film, I thought I would ask for the book and as a fan of Cecelia Ahern, I am very much looking forward to reading this one.

The Girl You Left Behind | Jojo Moyes

IMG_0953I think I first heard about this book when listening to podcasts. I was listening to an episode of The Literary Salon and it was Jojo Moyes talking about this book. She began by reading an extract from it and then talked about what had inspired her to write the book and I found it so interesting and have wanted to read the book ever since then. The book is about the requisitioning of artwork etc during the war by the Germans and about the restitution cases that occurred years later because of this. The book has two main characters each living in a different time. One lives in occupied France and I believe the painting was done for her by her husband who goes off to fight. The other woman lives in the present day and is a part of the restitution case over the particular painting. In the podcast Moyes talked about all of the research that she had done and so I feel that she knows what she is writing about and will represent it accurately.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls | Elena Favilli & Francesco Cavallo

IMG-0970This book is aimed at children and that is clear from the simplicity and size of the text, but I was still eager to read it. I love the idea of a book that is filled with the stories of lots of amazing women and that is illustrated by a whole host of artists. There are some well-known women in the book, and there are also plenty of new inspirations to discover. I think that is one of the things that I am most excited about: discovering new women and their story. Whilst this book would be great for a child to learn about inspirational women, it is great for all ages to be able to find new stories and then you can go away and learn more about people if you would like. The stories are a perfect length to read one (or more) a night and I cannot wait to do that myself. Additionally, I am excited to see who I discover and read some great true stories.

My Cousin Rachel | Daphne Du Maurier

IMG-0972This is a novel that I actually read a few months ago (full review). I read it because the film was due to come out soon and I usually like to read the book before I see the film. Having never read a Du Maurier, I was not sure what to expect but I was gripped very quickly. I enjoyed this novel a lot and wanted to have my own copy. The edition I received for Christmas is one of the Virago Modern Classics editions and I asked for this one specifically. The saying goes, ‘you should never judge a book by its cover’, but some editions are just very pleasing and I could not resist asking for this one. Now, I’m very glad to have this brilliant book on my shelf and I recommend both the book and the recent film adaptation.

Secrets for the Mad | Dodie

IMG-0979Dodie is a YouTuber that I discovered a few years ago. I really enjoy her videos, social media presence and especially her music. One of the things that is so great about Dodie is her openness and willingness to talk about important issues, especially mental health. When I heard that she was writing a book, I knew I would want to read it. Having had a look through, the book is clearly personal to Dodie and she covers a variety of topics. Her song lyrics are also interspersed throughout the book and it is interesting to read the songs she has written when you are also reading some insights into her life and you can see some of the connections. I’m looking forward to having some time to read this book and I think it is one that I will be able to turn back to again and again.

Georgia x


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