Mini – Review: Billy and Me and Always With Love | Giovanna Fletcher

Day 10

‘Nothing is good all the time and absolutely nothing is perfect.’

Billy and Me was the first book by Giovanna that I read and I really loved her style. Somehow I found myself wrapped up in the lives of Billy and Sophie and my connection to them grew as I read. One day, having got to the climax of the plot, I found myself sat at school feeling properly angry. When I thought about why I found myself thinking ‘Oh itFullSizeRender (22) was because Billy…’ Only then did I realise just how invested I had become in the plot and how it had actually affected me. I love feeling like you know the characters in a book because I think it shows great style by the author to be able to create that connection. All of Giovanna’s books have a twist, and in this case it is that Billy is a Hollywood star and Sophie is happy in her quaint village so a relationship seems like it might be difficult. The characters both grew throughout the novel as they learned new things about themselves and the people around them and I enjoyed their journey so much that I just had to read the sequel, Always with Love, to continue their journey with them. I did a full review of Always with Love here.

Always with Love – Giovanna Fletcher, published by Penguin, first published in 2016, 002, RRP £7.99, ISBN 978-1-405-91918-0


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