Book Review | The Littlest Library by Poppy Alexander

⭐⭐⭐ ✨(3.75/5)

When Jess loses both her grandmother and her job, she feels lost. When she finds a charming house, she decides to buy it, not realising that a red telephone box comes with her new home. Considering her former job at a library, and the boxes of her grandmother’s books that she has kept, Jess opens up the littlest library in the red telephone box. But when the telephone box library is in danger of closing, can the magic of books convince people that it should stay?

I read this novel on holiday and it was quite a nice, charming read. I enjoyed getting to know the characters in the village and exploring their stories as well as Jess’s. There were interesting themes and topics explored too, such as grief, family, and the issues facing both small and seaside towns.

Although this was a nice read, there were times when I wanted more from it, and it was fairly predictable.

However, as a sweet book to read on holiday, especially if you like books about books, this was a nice read.


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