Exploring Non-alcoholic Drinks | IKEA Sparkling Pear Drink

Rating: 6/10

As with the two IKEA drinks that I have already mentioned in this series, the issue with this drink is that it is only available at IKEA. However, it was a very nice drink. I’m not sure that it blew me away, or that I would want to go to IKEA just for this, but it was really good. It had a nice fizzy pear / fruity flavour, as you would hope, and I would like to try it again if I ever go back to IKEA and find it.

Plus, what I like about this one and the previous drink is that the bottles look like wine bottles, so there is that nice element that makes this feel like a nice weekend drink or something.

Would I drink this again? Yes, and as it’s been a while, I would like to have it again if the chance arises.


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