Exploring Non-alcoholic Drinks | Appeltiser Spritzer – Apple & Exotic Lime

Rating: 5/10

If you read the last post in this series, I talked about an Innocent Lemon & Lime drink that tasted a bit like apple to me, and actually it tasted very similar to this Appeltiser drink.

If you are a fan of apple and apple drinks, then this would appeal to you. Unfortunately, I don’t remember there being too much of a lime taste, which I would have liked, but it was still an alright drink.

This drink is 50% fruit juice and 50% sparkling water. As sparkling water isn’t really my thing, perhaps that is why this one didn’t score more highly for me.

Lastly, this is another drink that comes in a small can and was easily available to buy, so it could be good for a picnic, lunch or something.

Would I drink this again? Probably not, but it was alright.


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