Exploring Non-alcoholic Drinks | Belvoir Lime and Soda

Rating: 2/10

As I liked the Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade so much, I thought that I would see what their range had to offer.

When I saw this Lime and Soda drink, I had high hopes. Unfortunately it just did not deliver at all for me. What I really wanted was a lovely, fizzy, lime-tasting drink, but what I got was something that tasted much more of mint leaves than lime, or anything else. Personally, I am not a big fan of mint leaves and so this drink was not the one for me.

However, as I said with the raspberry lemonade, this drink is readily available, the packaging is lovely and there may be others who really like it. If you are a lover of the flavour that mint leaves gives, then maybe this is for you, but sadly it really was not for me.

Would I drink this again? No.


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