Exploring Non-alcoholic Drinks | J2O Spritz – Pear and Raspberry

Rating: solid 8/10, potentially higher

Note: This drink is even better if stored in the fridge before drinking.

A J2O is a classic drink and the Orange and Passionfruit J2O has been a favourite of mine for a long time. Their ‘Spritz’ range may not seem that fancy, but the taste is what really matters to me.

The packaging of this drink looks fairly similar to a regular J2O, but in a bigger bottle. This drink is also available to buy as a set of four cans, if you would prefer. Although it seems like nothing special, I ask you to give this one a chance because the drink itself is really good.

I loved the flavour of this and it was perfect for summer, which is when I first tried it. The drink is fruity and refreshing and I will definitely be buying this again. I think that the balance of pear and raspberry was great in this drink, and although they are not flavours I would have initially put together, I loved it. The drink is a nice pink colour, and I enjoyed having something fizzy.

I think this drink would be good for a variety of occasions and would suit any age. There are other flavours available too, so depending what those are I may try them. This drink should also be widely available at supermarkets which is handy.

Would I drink this again? Yes, I’m planning to buy another bottle soon.

Update: I did buy another bottle over Christmas and I still love this drink.


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