My Anticipated Book Releases of 2021

With This Kiss by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Lorelai may seem ordinary, but when she kisses someone on the lips she sees how they are going to die. Naturally, she has not kissed anyone for some time, but what happens when she meets someone she wants to kiss? And what should she do with the knowledge she will undoubtedly possess afterwards?

Readers of this blog may know that I am a fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher and I have been enjoying her novels for a few years now. After releasing her first children’s novel in September, Into the Spotlight, Fletcher is returning to adult novels. As with her other adult novels, this one sounds like it will be magical realism too. I find the magical elements to Fletcher’s novels to be great elements and I am intigued to find out how this one will work.

Additionally, I want to know more about Lorelai and what she can do with the power that she has. Is she seeing someone’s destiny, not meant to be changed? Or does she have a chance to save people?

I will undoubtedly be getting my hands on a copy of this one as soon as I can!

Published: 5/8/2021

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

The Road Trip is the story of a journey to a wedding. After an accident on the road, Addie and her sister end up offering a ride to Addie’s ex, Dylan, and his friend. The journey to rural Scotland for the wedding means there is plenty of time for reflecting upon the past, particularly for Addie and Dylan.

Two of my favourite books last year were The Flat Share and The Switch and Beth O’Leary has quickly become one of my favourite authors. Although I’m not sure how the premise of The Road Trip will play out, I’m sure O’Leary will be adding many of the elements that I love about her work thus far. I will definitely be getting myself a copy of this one, and I look forward to finding out what happens on the road trip.

Published: 29/4/2021

Beowulf translated by Maria Dahvana Headley

Beowulf tells the story of a hero, Beowulf, who comes to the rescue when Grendel’s relentless atacks are threatening the people of Hrothgar’s hall. This new translation of the Old English epic poem, Beowulf, promises to incorporate modern language and feminist ideas to the poem.

I first came across Beowulf when I was studying Old English as part of my English degree. I found the poem so interesting as it conveys ideas about Anglo-Saxon life and culture, but can also speak to some of our contemporary ideas, such as those concerning masculinity.

As part of our university module on Beowulf, we read Headley’s novel, The Mere Wife, which is a retelling of the Old English epic giving a focus to two women and their sons. I really enjoyed the novel, and have been looking forward to this translation for some time. I am particularly intrigued to see how Headley’s translation will provide new insight into the female characters of the poem, particularly Grendel’s mother.

Published: 11/3/2021

Walking on Sunshine by Giovanna Fletcher

Although I am really enjoying the Eve of Man trilogy that Fletcher writes with her husband and cannot wait for the third, and final, installment, I am so pleased to have a new Giovanna Fletcher novel to look forward to. I have read all of Fletcher’s fiction novels so far and love how she puts a twist on a classic romance. So far, I can’t find any information on what this novel will be about, but I already know I will be buying a copy.

Published: 11/11/2021

Heartstopper Vol. 4 by Alice Oseman

The fourth volume of Oseman’s LGBTQ+ graphic novel series continues where we left off with Nick and Charlie’s story. The series explores their lives and relationships in a way that I think is incredibly valuable.

There are many things that I love about the Heartstopper series, but I think it is a great series for young people especially (although it is also one for everyone). The story is wholesome, lovely and inclusive whilst at the same time dealing with issues such as mental health and eating disorders. I can see lessons in the series so far such as how to be accepting, how to help others (particularly friends and family), and how to do these things in a way that is healthy for other people and yourself.

I cannot wait to return to the Heartstopper universe and I am excited to see more of Nick, Charlie and friends.

It is hard here to be concise when all I want to do is just talk about how much I love this series and how great it is, but hopefully you may give the series a go and find out for yourself. I am so grateful that I gave it a go after seeing it everywhere on Bookstagram, and I really look forward to diving into more of Oseman’s work.

It was very recently announced that Heartsopper is going to become a Netflix series and I am SO excited!! If you have never checked out Heartstopper, please do.

Published: 13/5/2021

Midnight in Everwood by M.A. Kuzniar

Described as The Nutcracker for adults, this novel sounds like a magical tale.

When a new neighbour constructs a set for Marietta’s ballet performance, magic is about to take her somewhere new.

I’m going to be honest…I was initially drawn to this novel because I saw people on Bookstagram receiving proof copies and it just looked so beautiful.

Now that I have looked up the novel, I am definitely interested to read this novel of ballet and magic.

Published: 28/10/2021

So there we have it: book releases that I am looking forward to in 2021. I’m sure there will be others during the course of the year, and there are plenty of other books that I want to read too.

What books are you looking forward to reading this year? Let me know!

G x


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