I’m in a reading slump

I’ve finished 3 books this year. That sounds okay, and I know reading any number of books is great, but I’ve started and not finished more than 5 books already this year.

As an English student, there are a lot of books to read for university. However, I have suddenly become very bad for starting books and not finishing them. It’s very frustrating and I’m not enjoying the fact they my ‘currently reading’ list is rapidly expanding and my ‘read’ list is sitting still.

For a while, I thought I could get out of this slump by reading a book not intended for uni. Last year, I read Jojo Moyes’ The Giver of Stars over the Christmas holidays and I loved it and I enjoyed the evening relaxation before bed. I tried this again a while ago, but I found that most evenings I just din’t want to pick up a book, and when I did, I only read a couple of pages. The book itself was great, and perfect for evening reading, so I’m sure that was not the issue. I managed to slowly finish the book and loved it, but then I was back to the slump. I have tried reading some poetry, reading fiction, non-fiction, but none of it has helped, unless adding to the ‘currently reading’ pile counts.

What is most strange is that I can feel a desire to read burning away inside of me, and yet I just cannot do it. Uni books, non-uni books, all of it just is not happening for me at the moment.

I keep thinking that perhaps I haven’t found the right book yet. Maybe when I go home for Easter I will spot the perfect relaxing read on my shelves. Or perhaps the pressure to read for uni and the amount of reading I do for essays and work just means that when I try to sit down with a book, I just cannot face it.

The desire to read has definitely not died, and I know it will come back strongly, but I don’t know when that will be. It could be over the Easter holidays, when I have a change of scenery, or it could be when the uni year has finished and I have real free time and far less pressure sitting on my shoulders.

It’s certainly a strange time at the moment. There is so much pressure as this is my last semester at uni, but with strikes, and now uni closures, there are no classes to prepare work for and no daily routines. There is an uncertainty that has drained my motivation in many ways and I feel stuck in more than just a reading slump, but I know that feelings, and reading slumps, change and pass and I’ll find my way again soon.

If anyone has any tips for what to do when you find yourself in a reading slump, or any kind of slump, do let me know!

For now, I know my books are waiting patiently on my shelves to greet me when I’m ready.

G x


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