My 2018/19 Bullet Journal: The Month

This is the fourth blog post about my 2018/19 bullet journal. To read the previous posts, scroll to the end of the post for links.

This post is all about how I design my monthly and weekly spreads. As usual I have found many ideas on Pinterest.

DSCN3818My monthly spread has undergone slight changes throughout my bullet journals, but it has largely stayed the same. The monthly spread is an overview of the month and introduces your weekly spreads for that month. As you can see, I do a title in the left-hand corner with the month laid out underneath it as a column. I like to have this overview of the month so that I can write in any important events and can use this to see the month as a whole. I also like to add a little bit of colour to the spread through accents with my Mildliner pens, and this colour will run through the month. The right-hand page of the monthly spread is left blank so that I can use my bullets from my key to add in an overview of events, appointments, assignments and mostly tasks that I want to get done that month. This is useful so that I do not have to initially schedule a task for a specific day but can assign it to a month and then narrow it down to a day later.

DSCN3822My weekly spreads have undergone the most change out of any pages of my journals. It has taken me so long to find a layout that I like and works for me. My previous two journals are littered with various weekly spreads as I tried a few out to see what I liked (remember, experimentation). For my weekly spreads, I like to have Monday to Sunday on a double page, but obviously depending on how the month goes, I have to alter this spread. But for a full week, this is what my layout looks like. I put a mini-view of the month in the corner and highlight the week that the spread presents so that I can see where I am in relation to the rest of the month. I also leave space on the outer edges of the pages for any notes, to-do lists, or habit trackers that I feel like adding in that particular week. For the week, I simply write the date and use my Mildliners to add accent. Then in the space I will use my bullet points to schedule tasks or add in what I did do that day. For more of the technicalities of how to use a bullet journal, please see my first two posts in the series or watch the official videos by Bullet Journal on YouTube.

Thank you for reading this post and hopefully now you know all the important points of bullet journaling. The next in the series will be a round-up of my tips.

Still to come:

  • My tips – advice on bullet journaling and final thoughts

Previous Posts:

  • An Introduction – introduction to bullet journaling, how I want this journal to be and which journal I use
  • Important first pages – detailing the key and future log
  • My chosen pages – the pages I choose to add to the beginning of my journal

Georgia x


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